Lexus RC F
Lexus RC F


Lexus RC F Interior

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1 Interior
1.1 Seats
1.1.1 Leather seats
All Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.1.2 Electric adjustable seats
1.1.3 Heated seats
1.1.4 Lumbar support
50% Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.1.5 Seat upholstery
1.1.6 Headrest
1.1.7 Active headrest
67% Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.1.8 Adjustable headrest
1.1.9 Folding rear seat
No Lexus Sports Cars has it !
1.2 Clock
1.3 Gauges
1.3.1 Tachometer
All Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.3.2 Odometer
All Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.3.3 Electronic multi-tripmeter
All Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.3.4 Temperature display
All Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.4 Air conditioner
All Lexus Sports Cars have it !
1.5 Gear knob
1.6 Rear AC vents
33% Lexus Sports Cars have it !

Lexus RC F Interior Accessories

Adding a powerful engine and slapping some amazing exterior features will definitely get all the attention but its the interior of the car where one spends most of the driving! The ultimate perfection of a car is incomplete without its interior. Lexus RC F interior accessories will completely amaze you and will blow your mind away! The interior features also adds to the Lexus RC F Comfort so you can concentrate on your driving! The materials used in Lexus RC F interior accessories are the most luxurious materials and combine aesthetics, technology and safety like no other car. All the latest sports have top-notch interior features and a few manufacturers focus more on luxury than on the performance!

Lexus RC F Seats

Be it an Audi or a Ferrari, if seats are like church benches you will definitely not feel comfortable and probably wont buy that car! Seats are the first thing that come to mind while talking about Lexus RC F interior. Every car must have comfortable seats as the driver must not experience any difficulty while driving. Heated seats present in high end models is a new technology introduced to increase the temperature of the seat and give that warm cozy feeling while driving! Front seats of Lexus RC F are heated seats and they will provide you with the luxury of warmth and makes you feel at home. You are just one click away from adjusting the seats of Lexus RC F! Headrest is present at the Front and are active. These seats are quite expensive and add to the Lexus RC F price.

Other Lexus RC F Interior Accessories

Lexus RC F Audio System is also a part of the car's interior. Other Lexus RC F interior accessories include Air conditioner, Rear AC vents which add a great value to the comfort and makes the driving experience serene and enjoyable! Lexus RC F gear knob is Leather. There are a few sports cars that focus only on the performance and not on comfort at all.

Lexus RC F Gauges

Lexus RC F gauges have the latest technology and also increase the Lexus RC F Safety. These gauges display a lot of valuable information. The tachometer shows you the rotations per minute (rpm), the odometer displays the amount of kilometers/miles traveled, the electronic trip meter reveals a lot of information and can also be used to calculate mileage, time etc and the temperature display as the name suggests displays the outside temperature as well as the engine temperature. Lexus RC F has Tachometer, Odometer, Electronic multi-tripmeter, Temperature display.

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