Lotec C1000
Lotec C1000


Lotec C1000 Engine

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1 Engine
1.1 Engine type
1.2 Power
1.2.1 Max power
Devel Sixteen E..
850.00 PS
Rank: 26 (Overall)
Toyota Sports 800 Engine
1.2.2 Power RPM
6200 rpm
1.3 Torque
1.3.1 Max torque
Devel Sixteen E..
980 Nm
Rank: 22 (Overall)
Toyota Sports 800 Engine
1.3.2 Torque RPM
3800 rpm
1.4 Cylinders
1.4.1 Number of cylinders
Bugatti Veyron ..
Rank: 4 (Overall)
Toyota Sports 800 Engine
1.4.2 Valves per cylinder
Chevrolet Camar..
Rank: 4 (Overall)
Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker Engine
1.4.3 Valve configuration
Double overhead camshaft (DOHC)
1.5 Engine displacement
Dodge Viper SRT..
5600 cc
Rank: 51 (Overall)
Daihatsu Copen Engine
1.6 Supercharger
All Lotec Sports Cars have it !
1.7 Turbocharger
All Lotec Sports Cars have it !
1.8 Bore and stroke
1.8.1 Bore diameter
Panther 6 Engine
96.50 mm
Rank: 17 (Overall)
Toyota Celica Engine
1.8.2 Stroke length
Panther 6 Engine
94.80 mm
Rank: 14 (Overall)
Toyota Celica Engine
1.9 Cooling system
Water Cooling System
1.10 Compression ratio
Renault Alpine ..
8.50 :1
Rank: 60 (Overall)
McLaren P1 Engine
1.11 Redline
Ferrari LaFerra..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Toyota Sports 800 Engine
1.12 Emission class
1.13 Engine management system
LENZ Turbo-Tronic
1.14 Lubrication system
Dry sump

Lotec C1000 Engine Type

Engine is an integral part of any sports car. Lotec C1000 engine type is V8 which is a powerful eight cylinder engine arranged in V shape! It has two sets of four cylinders each set at right angle or a narrower angle to each other. Lotec C1000 engine is mainly responsible for Lotec C1000 Top Speed! The valve configuration of the Lotec C1000 cylinder valves in engine is Double overhead camshaft (DOHC). DOHC means there are two camshafts for each cylinder bank to control the valves of the cylinders. One camshaft controlling the intake valves and the other controlling the exhaust valves. It improves the combustion efficiency. Lotec C1000 engine has 8 cylinders and every cylinder has 4 valves. Lotec C1000 engine displacement is 5600 cc and its bore and stroke is 96.50 mm and 94.80 mm respectively! You can increase the power by increasing the displacemnet of the cylinder or by increasing the bore diameter or stroke length but only up to a certain limit. Lotec C1000 compression ratio is 8.50 :1 and its the ratio of the largest capacity to the smallest capacity of the internal combustion engine.

Engine System of Lotec C1000

Engine System of Lotec C1000 is the most vital aspect considering fuel efficiency and price economics. Engine system of Lotec C1000 is LENZ Turbo-Tronic. Lotec C1000 cooling system is Water Cooling System. The cooling system helps to release the waste heat and improves heat transfer in the engine! Lotec C1000 uses Dry sump lubrication system. Lotec C1000 engine emission class is EURO IV.

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